Adventures in Shred Day 1

Alright, maybe like two months ago I said I was going to get this site up and running and finally here it is. I back at school now so I have lots of time. between this site and ebay my days are pretty much full now. 

Well, where to start? I suppose that this here current movie project is a rightful evolution of the home videos we used to shoot when we were new to the shred. This particular movie is a little over a year into shooting and we are hoping to hang up the cameras in may... we still have a long way to go. the goal was to chronicle the movie making process as we went but we just never got to the chronicling part. So far this year there have been  some good productive days and with the ever increasing pool of talent that I get to shoot things should be rather smooth the rest of the year.
The first film trip of '10 went pretty well. The first day was quite interesting as it was both filled with incredible scenery and stomach trouble. Scoot McCune Max Boileau and myself left our snow sheltered home in search of deep snow and fresh air. I think we ended up leaving at like 2am which was pretty much the first time that we did anything on schedule. driving in the early morning is the best time to do it. We stopped at like 5 to get gas for the car coffee for me and reading material for scott, more on that latter. As soon as we crossed the Michigan/Wisconsin border the snow banks grew at least 2 feet taller, surly a good sign. just as the ski turned gray we turned down our final road. judging by the map there were some decent sized hills along this road, when the first one rose out of the darkness it was on. we actually had to wait a bit until it was light enough to see where we wanted to ride. Every trailhead parking lot was filled with F350s and huge trailers so we ended up digging a parking spot out of a 4 foot snow bank. Once we got or gear sorted and I drank the rest of my now iced coffee we walked down the road about a quarter mile and heading off trail. It took about three hours to get into any ridable snow. Everything was either 90 degrees or flat and wooded. During this time Scott was having some serious stomach problems and pretty much just wanted to leave. We though that we found a pillow line that was doable but closer inspection found that the run out was littered with nice pointy rocks. Max dropped a little cliff and we called it a day. Actually it was only noon but that was it for riding. We drove another hour north to Silver City found a hotel and crashed.