Day 2

woke up around 9a hit the continental breakfast for bagels and cereal. Rolled up to the parking lot at about 10:30 after securing lift tickets and stuffing backpacks we headed up to take a look. At the top we turned left and hiked up another 100 feet on the cat track. Strapped up and pointed it down an untouched 980ft of waist deep fresh. Various excited comments were passed back and forth as we sprinted back to the parking lot to grab cameras and shovels. Back at the top we found another relatively untouched run with a pair of headwalls that looked like a good place to build. An hour later we had a 7ft hight booter and some sort of sketchy windy ass run in. The gap to the landing was like 35 feet but on the first hit Scott dropped in a easily cleared 65. Max got a front three and a sweet method, I got something or other not too super and scott spun his way into a lot of craters but didn't ride away from anything. There will be footage an a pic soon.