Day 3

OK after a month I think I have my thoughts collected to finish this story. Sunday morning was the same drill. Breakfast. pack up. leave hotel. 9:30ish. buy more lift tickets and head up. At the top the lifty informed up that he would have a "special surprise" for us if our shovels didn't stay in out back packs. By his body language I took it to mean a "special anal surprise" I guess that the patrol had seen our previous handywork. Funny thing is that we ended up hiking with some patrollers and we didn't get a second look. We decided to hit the trees instead and I think we came away with a bit of good footy. Our shred day ended with some much deserved free runs for the boys. Sometimes I think that the whole filming aspect of snowshredding pushes our friendship over the edge a bit.  PICTURES!

Day One. Hiking for 6 hours
We found some "instant cloning powder" in the back of an abandoned gas station. I guess we should have followed the instructions more carefully because now there a bunch of DC clad Scrotcunes running around the northwoods.
Max in a familiar pose

Scott with booter