Scott McCune Interview

Kinda like 20 questions but shorter

Q: Name, birthdate, where you live, etc
Scott McCune June 22 1987 and I live with my mommy in Wild Rose, WI

Q: What is your job at nordic mtn?
Terrain Park Manager, basically I design build and maintain the terrain park at The Nord! and I try to keep kids from doing stupid things and from swearing all the time.

Q: Did you have a good snowboard season this year?
It was a super fun season, I think everybody progressed a lot this year, even more than usual, its good to have a park that you can do whatever you want with because you know what to do in order to help everyone progress, so yeah GREAT SEASON.

Q: Any good trips?
Yeah our trip to the UP to ride some pow was pretty epic except for the first day when we hiked for like 2 hours at sunrise just for my stomach tell me it was time to turn back.

Q: What was the highlight of the year?
Highlight of the year... umm I would have to say taking second at the midwest open, I know its only second, but I am only me and I didn't see it coming at all, I'm super happy with that.

Q: Anything new at the Nord? system 2.0?
Oh yeah buddy, the system 2.0 is going to be epic, actually installing it in 3 days and that is going to hopefully start a whole new scene for wakeboarding in WI.

Q: I heard that you riced out your car?
I drive a '95 Buik Centry Wagon... oh wait no thats you, actually an '05 Suzuki Reno, and I love it, got new rims and a just ordered an intake, should be pretty sweet!

Q: Sponsors?
Nope, no real sponsors.
(edit: Scott's just being modest, he's hooked up phat!)

Q: What are your plans for the summer?
Wakebaording and Petting Zoos.

Q: What do you ride?
Snow; Rome '85 postermania with 390 binders and DC boots always Wake; Liquid Force FLY Lyman with limited Vantage Closed toe Boots.

Q: Top five people to ride with?
I can't name 5, I love riding with everybody that goes to The Nord!, but my number 1 favorite person to ride with is Joe Horvath.

Q: Top five pros wake and snow?
Wake; Shane Bonifay, Keith Lyman, Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Parks Bonifay. SNOW; Devon Walsh, Travis Parker, Todd Richards, Torstein Horgmo, Travis Rice.

Q: Top five songs?
Anything by N'sync! (!!!)

Q: Top five video parts?
Every scene from Thats it Thats all for 5-2 and for number 1 I would have to say the part in DC mountain lab video 1.5 where Ken Block hits New Zealand in his Suzuki Reno... I mean Subaru Impreza.

Q: Got any good trivia info?
During ejaculation, a healthy, fertile man releases between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon of semen, containing about 300 million sperm.
(Edit: This is correct, we counted several times)
Thanks Scott!

Thank you Joe!

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