Salad Days

Pretty fun week here in Friendship land. Rode bikes. Played Frisbee. Shot photos. I finally got out to the Wake Park again after a few (busy?) weeks. Seems like things have yet to take off there yet. It's really too bad because that place kicks a million asses. I seems like everybody who makes the trip out likes it, but so far there have been more spectators than riders. I don't know if the people are too cheap to pay for a session or if there needs to be some more advertising or what. Rick and the boys did come up with a punch card type deal to get discounted sessions, hopefully that helps. If you are a rider there is no better time to ride than now, as you will likely not have to wait and will get as much riding time as you can handle in a session. I finally got some proper light stands and heads in the mail. No more bungees and ladders for a while. We messed around with off camera lighting and dock starts for a while. I'm sure this kind of thing will get old real quick but it's fun for now. Getting the flashes dialed in is kind of hit or miss as first but we came away with some pretty good shoots. This one of Scott was for a Strobist assignment that has been long overdo.The set up for this shot is as simple as it gets. One strobe, camera left, about 15 out in the water. I did manage to drop a flash in the lake while doing this (insert bad shock here) but after it dried out it seemed to still work fine. The lesson here is to make sure your shit is secure. I had a flash on the stand with a quantum battery plugged in (and turned on!) while trying to position the stand. I guess I was pretty lucky. Don't be dumb! Anyway, here is the setup shot.
We also got some shots that will hopefully make it onto the wakepark website or maybe the new flyer. I don't want to give everything away but here is one of the heros from the shoot. The rest can be seen on Flickr or the Wakepark facebook group. Oh, I almost forgot, POTW! Nearly on time this week.