Here is what I did over the weekend. I will give you a complete rundown shortly, but I think this will disprove any theories on the limitations of small flash photography. As you can see there are four speedlights in this setup. The first is a snooted sb-25 that is blasting a oval of light onto the background at 1/2 power. Lights two and three are sb-28s at 1/8 in sort of a rim light setup at 45 degrees to each side. I left both lights zoomed all the way out. The last light is another SB almost directly in front of the subject and above, pointed down about 30 degrees. This is basically an on-axis fill and it at 1/8 power +-1/3 stop. The initial idea was to have the OA fill directly about the camera but I did not have a boom stand and so I had to shoot around the light stand. As you can see this setup give a very sculpted look. Oh yeah the background was a 4X5 section of a picnic shelter wall, it was too windy to use seamless. Oh, and the camera settings were 1/160 @ f/5.6 at ISO 200.