We arrived safely to our rental on Thursday evening. The house that we are staying in is pretty amazing. I was expecting a condo or something similar, but we are actually staying in a nice residential area. I guess the housing market is pretty slow here and many unsold houses are being used as short term rentals my realtors. Anyway, the views are pretty good. There is a full kitchen and three bedrooms in the main house and an attached guest house with a kitchenette. Today we are going to hike an area where they filmed some scenes from Last of the Mohicans, should be pretty fun. I am already regretting not bringing a tripod, I might buy a cheap one just to get through. There are too many beautiful views not to come back with a panorama or six.

I apologize to those of you who were expecting some real content this week. You should definitely check out THIS if you have not already. Draplin on how to "be professional" and shit.