New Grip.

In this case, laterally a new grip. This little guy is was originally intended to mount lcd screens and gps units to windshields. They run about $6 including shipping on an online auction site. It is basically a 4" suction cup attached to a little plastic arm with a mini ball head on the end. The description states that it will hold 5kg max. I put my d200 and 24-70 2.8 on it and it seemed pretty sturdy. I would say that the plastic arm is likely to be the point of failure, not the suction mount. I plan on using it to mount shoe mount flashes and the GoPro to cars and boats. I suppose you could us it to attach flashes to house windows as well, but in that case a super clamp would be a better choice. At $6 a piece, this is not a bad item to have in your bag of tricks.