Last weekend marked the official end of summer (for me at least). With the weather beginning to slip into fall, and NWP closed for the season, I have begun to dig myself out from under the giant pile of work that has accumulated during the summer. Unfortunately (fortunately) the I have been getting a lot of work in the last month. I sometimes have to take a deep breath and remind myself that busy is good and soon winter will be here and I will be wishing the phone would ring more often.

In addition to all of the photography related stuff, I have also been busy setting up shop in my new apartment, and in the process I have discovered just how much gear I have collected in the past year. Last year at this time nearly everything that I owned fit nicely into my Dakine Sequence backpack. Now, it seams that I am lucky to fit a shoot's worth of gear into the back of my station wagon. The good news here is that I am slowly running out of new crap to buy and maybe this year I will have a job or two that does not require something expensive being overnighted from B&H. here is the short list.

*Full on backdrop, seamless and hotlight kit for video.
*New wireless and wired strobe trigger set.
*Finally got rid those antique Vivitar 285's.
(I know people love them but the output just isn't consistent, it's like slicing bread with a chainsaw)
*More clamps, adapters, arms, swivels, and booms then you can shake a stick at.
*Full on pro sound outfit for video.
*New tripod!
*whole batch of home-built useful stuff.
*some really huge silks.
*water housing

Of course, some stuff has fallen out of favor as well. I am no longer a fan of those Sigma EX lenses. Don't get me wrong, they served me well, but I am selling them off and am looking forward to the new Nikon stuff. I can now see why all those Canon shooters have stayed loyal through all of the noise and auto-focus issues that have been popping up in the brand's new dslr's. If the difference between L glass and the pro Nikon lenses is anywhere as drastic as the between the EX stuff and the Nikon glass, then I totally understand. The real advantage to the EX series lenses was the price. Think that I paid about $325 for a used copy of an EX 24-70 2.8. The Nikon version sells new for about $1400 give or take. They say that you get what you pay for, and they are right. Now, these lenses are now meant to compete against each other and Sigma's new 24-70 2.8 is supposed to be worlds better, but it also sells for $900 and at that point I'd rather have the real deal.

Some things to do this weekend:
Finish post production on a load of portraits.
Work on Super Secret Job #1.
Work on Super Secret Job #2.
Sleep in.
Slog through a bunch of video.
Make new friends.

Oh yeah, I have not forgotten about this blog, I have just been too busy doing fun stuff to update it. I have thought about dumping bunch of posts about everything that I have done this summer but have decided that no one really wants to read about stuff that happened three months ago. I will be forging ahead though, and I do have a bunch of D.I.Y. stuff that I will be dropping periodically, so stay tuned. Most of it is not original stuff, but I have taken some pretty ingenious stuff from other people and added my own tweaks to their projects. And unlike alot of diy out there, there isn't much duct tape and cardboard here (not in fact). Most of it could be passed off as professional and I have no reservations about using any of this stuff on any shoot. Really, stay tuned.