A while back I wrote a post about a sort of diy solution for mounting hot lights and flashes in places that a normal light stand wouldn't fit. The original post can be found here. At the end of that post I alluded to another bit of diy grip that I had been working on, the double spigot adapter. This one I happened upon by accident while roaming the isles of Menards. It basically consists of a short piece of rigid 3/4" conduit and an inline coupler. Right away it is important to note that you must us rigid conduit and note regular black or galvanized pipe. These look similar but have a smaller inner diameter and a standard 5/8" stud will not fit them. The method I used equaled 2 adapters for every set of components. Total cost was about $5. The pictures show how the parts go together, after I screwed everything together I drilled and taped a set of #10 threads in each piece for the set screws. The set screws were actually made by pressing regular SS allen bolts into these here plastic caps. Pretty cheap and a good way to have any length threaded knob on hand at all times. I have a box of these heads in different sizes and whenever I need a certain length I just press in the correct sized bolt and done.