Limit Edition Poster #2

Limited Edition Poster #2 features O2 Team Lab rider and one of my best friends, Jory Prather. This image was taken just a week ago at the opening weekend of the Nordic Mountain Park. I actually had a different feature in mind for this poster, but for some reason we started shooting on this feature instead, I'm glad we did because we ended up getting some really sick shots. The box is pretty short so it looked a little awkward from this angle. There were quite a few people riding that night, but when Jory started doing one footers over the box, I knew it was going to be on the next poster. You can probably see how this shot is lit just by looking at it, 2 sb-28s on each on the opposite corners of the feature. The ones on the far side are each on half power to give a faster recycle time. The ones on the near side are probably on 1/8 power, but a bit closer to the feature. Probably around a 3:1 ratio overall. I Jory had to do this trick like 10 times before we got it right, and you can't tell in the shot but he is landing flat every time. I know he really wanted to do a fast plant on the end of the box, but we never quite got it.

Only 10 of these posters will ever be printed. Each one will be signed and numbered, buy one here for only $24.99 shipped or delivered to your door. The posters will be printed on real deal photo paper in a large, 13"X19" format. Make sure and check out poster #1, there are a few copies left.

I truly love to shoot this kind of stuff, in fact, it is the reason that I picked up a camera in the first place. The reality is, I spend most of my time shooting other (non-snowboarding) things. Don't get me wrong, any time I have a camera in my hand I am more than happy, but sometimes I do wish that I could spend all my time on stuff like this. Almost all of the work that I do with snowboarding and skiing is funded out of my own pocket and I only occasionally see a financial return on it. Often I use my ability (notice, I did not say talent) with a camera to benefit up-and-comers like Jory and to promote the Midwest Shred Community. By purchasing one of these prints you can help me help the Community even more, I am not out to get rich, almost all of the proceeds from these prints will go directly to cover the expenses that come from shooting this stuff. The more exposure our local riders get, the stronger our scene will become; and that benefits anyone who enjoys our sports, no matter who they are. The best part is that you get a sweet piece of "art" (sorta) to put on your wall, and the satisfaction of supporting you local scene as well.