The season is officially in full swing, the Midwest has been pounded in the last several weeks, so we've been gittin' while the gittin's good. Most of the state is looking at least 16" of coverage. I have been shooting quite a bit of both stills and video in the past few weeks. The crew that I have been working with is a really productive group of guys to work with, and I have the results to prove it.

The first session of the week was at the newly built Advanced Park at Nordic Mountain. This was the first year that there was a real deal tabletop jump and not just a step up. The initial issue was that I don't currently own a wide angle lens, so I had to shoot it from pretty far away. I did find an angle that I liked but then the issue was that I was far enough away that I was having troubles with my strobes triggering inconsistently. I eventually figured it out and I am pretty happy with the shot that I came away with, but I will definitely be heading back to shoot the same setup again when I have some more time.

After the park shoot we headed up to a friend's house (Crae Wilke), who has built a sweet backyard park, to shoot a few different setups. It was a pretty fun session, photos below.

On Monday I met up with the whole O2 team at the shop to shoot some video interviews and hang out. After we wrapped at the shop, Nick, Jason, Ryan, Mikey, Jory, Marc, Will and I headed out to shoot some street photos. The original plan was to shoot some rigged backyard setup, but it got plowed the night before by the city. Plan b was to head to this park with a ton of hittable features. We settled on this down bar with a drop on the right side, we shot a few different setups but I only really liked this angle. We stayed for over three hours and no one even looked twice at us. Towards the end, Ryan hooked his boot on the rail getting on and had a kinda scary fall. Check the photos below. Lots more to come from these guys.