I finally now have an iPad. A few of the things that I am excited about are: Wireless tether to camera via eye-fi. Offline editing of online content. Digital portfolio.

This is the first post that I am writing and publishing from the iPad and I have to say that the whole process is pretty cool. The only thing that I don't like so far, it that the dynamic spelling is a little aggressive.

I am using the blogpress app to create posts offline and save them to the wordpress dashboard. This is something that I was really excited about this because I often write from places without wifi and 3G is painfully slow to me.

Hopefully this will mean that the blog gets updated more frequently.

I have been crazy busy lately with only two weeks left until graduation, but I have been working on a few different DIY tutorial articles and videos. Hopefully the first one will be up by this weekend.

- Posted from my iPad