Affordable storage

I recently was in the market for an option to expand my photo storage. I last purchased hard drives back in October of last year, the problem is that I have generated more than a terabyte since then and I am stuffing files into any place that they will fit. My original plan was to build server dedicated to photo storage but as it turns out, there are a couple of problems with going that direction. First, servers don't travel well, duh. There are several options for desktop servers or raid arrays, the problem with see is that they are either expensive, or unreliable. In practice, I have found that raids are not especially effective if the size of the array is small enough that you could use a single drive with the same capacity. You can talk all you want about drobos or any of the other desktop arrays, but the chance of hardware malfunction or software bug makes them more prone to failure then using a pair separate drives in a manual mirror configuration. The real advantage of a server or raid array is to boost transfer speed or capacity, if you are not using them that way, then you are just adding unnecessary complexity. So I was looking for a pair of large drives. The requirements were they had to be at least 1.5th each and had to have a fw800 port. There are not a lot of drives in this category. Most of the newer ones have replaced the FireWire ports with USB 3.0. Lacie and G-tech both make great drives, the cost i s pretty high. I have used drives from both companies in the past, but I was looking for a more affordable option.

Enter the Western Digital My Book Studio. 2tb, FireWire 800, oh yeah and $130 each. They have gotten pretty good reviews online. I ordered two of they and they should be here on Thursday. I will let you know how they work.

- Posted from my iPad