Western Digital My Book Studio

In the mail yesterday I received a pair of Western Digital My Book Studio external hard drives. I must say that I was really excited to find these drives. Until now I was using a combination of G-Tech stuff and a Linux based 8tb server. 8tb is a lot of space even for a busy pro, but I have been doing a lot of video stuff as of late (I will post some of it here eventually) and that sucks up hard drives like crazy. So much so that I have taken to storing all of my other file types on portable hard drives. The reason for this is pretty much the expense of either expanding my existing server's capacity or building a second one just for photos. I was lucky to have an older dell desktop laying around to drive my existing server, but the cost of building a new one from scratch put it out of the question for now. The other popular option is the various desktop raid arrays (g-safe, drobo, etc.). The cost per gb is high and they are not as safe a storage solution as advertised. The solution (for now at least) is to continue with the paired hard drive strategy. I was excited to find the large WD drives at such a great price. Only time will tell how durable these drives are, but they are plenty large and fast enough to work off of and it is easy to have a spare or two on hand.