Bella K.

O.K. so this post is a little bit a of a departure from the kind of stuff that usually shoot, but I think that's probably a good thing. The "normal" type of assignments that I tend to do fall into two distinct categories: Action Sports  and Commercial Advertising. Sometimes there is some overlap, but nothing that would fall very close to this shoot.  

As it happens, around the time that this shoot happened I was in the planning stages for another project that I will discuss in a distant future post. I only mention this because I have been looking to do a shoot styled like this for quite a while.


I was originally contacted by the lovely and wonderful Annabelle Koehler about setting up some sort of shoot way back in August. Right smack dab in the middle of that Senior Portrait Rush. I may have mumbled something about doing some pre-production on this one. The fact is, I showed up with very little in way of a plan. Normally I would never admit show up to a shoot like this, but since this was a TF type shoot, I figured that I could come up with something cool on the fly.

We shot at a handful of locations around the city of LaCrosse. Of course, the morning's cloud cover gave way to a clear sky just as we began, so it was a challenge to deal with the midday sun using only small strobes.

It ended up being sort of fun to work without a plan and come up with ideas on the fly, but I will admit that it was probably more fun to be behind the camera than in front of it.