Last week marked the official start of the snowboard season for me. With a busy fall of off-season jobs and wintery preparations now in the past, that winter schedule coming up fast. Of course, there is a certain lack of snow in the Midwest this time of year, but luckily there is no shortage of determined riders willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Traditionally, the early season riding around here is in the form of little contests and rail jams hosted by the various local shops. Other than that, the only source of rideable terrain would be to truck in ice shavings from an ice rink and build something by hand.  Most people like to do the work to set up a few ice rink jibs to prepare for the fall contests and get some miles on those shinny new boards. So I got a call on Friday night asking if I wanted to come shoot "something, we're not really sure what yet.." I was like "Hell Yeah!"

For me this is a good chance to get back in to the swing of shooting the shred and maybe try out something new before there is any real pressure to "get the shot"

So we shoveled slush and set up a classic little corrugated pipe jib to session a little. Here are the "acceptable" frames from the night, man it's good to be back.