Jeez, just over a week-anda-half overdo with my new years post. I will forgo the traditional "Year in Review" type list, if you're interested in that type of thing, let me know in the comments and I can point you to a dozen or so blogs that did this really well in 2011. It's not that I have been too busy write or that nothing interesting to write about, I have had plenty of both, I've just taken a bit of a break from posting over the holidays.

Normally, I would be super busy this time of year documenting the Midwest  snowboard scene, but we have had an absolutely horrible winter this year. No snow, temps in the 40s and 50s.

That's not to say that I have been twiddling my thumbs, I'm actually feeling pretty productive over the last month.

I helped work out a new look for THETEAMLAB.COM. The season has been rough, and it feels good to freshen up the look of the site, even if it's pretty young.

I unloaded a bunch of gear that has just been setting around. The stress of constant travel and perpetually moving around this year has meant downsizing considerably. I just packed up and shipped off a bunch of stuff this week and I have another set of listings ready to go in a few days. Most of the big ticket items are gone, but check my listings HERE. Lots of odds and ends, books, random photo, video, audio and production gear.

That reminds me, I finally got around to finishing the gear section on JOSEPHHORVATH.COM. Lots of links and reviews in the que, set to launch next week. Check it out HERE.

While we're still talking about gear, I've managed to fit a few new pieces into the budget. I'm building up a Nikon based HDSLR rig, shooting lots of tests and even a couple jobs with it. God, it is good to get away from shooting HDV, I've shot 10x as much stuff in the last month than I did all last year. I promise there will be a series of posts describing my rig in sickening detail. Yay.

Of course, Nikon has insisted on castrating there dslr's video functionality. If only there was a Stu Maschwitz who shoots on Nikon, wielding enough influence to give us proper exposure control and whatnot. Oh wait, Nikon Just released THIS, maybe Nikon is on the right path.

I've also picked up another copy of the SIGMA EX 15-30mm f/3.5-4.5, I swore I wouldn't touch SIGMA again, but it was a really good deal and has turned out to be a wonderfully sharp lens (this copy on my bodies, click HERE if you don't understand what I'm talking about). Lens tests are pretty much meaningless but I will probably post one anyway in the future.


Other than that, I have about 100 other partially finished projects, design tantrums, etc. to talk about in the future. No promises, but hopefully I will have something to show soon.