Dailies: Anna Kohnke

Your Dailies for this Wednesday. A large selection of images from a senior portrait session from last year. It is starting to get to senior portrait season again (already!) Watch this space for updates on pricing and some book early specials. They are right around the corner.

20120828_Anna_ 0344
20120828_Anna_ 0279
20120828_Anna_ 0233
20120828_Anna_ 0230
20120828_Anna_ 0203
20120828_Anna_ 0214
20120828_Anna_ 0209
20120828_Anna_ 0149
20120828_Anna_ 0140
20120828_Anna_ 0132
20120828_Anna_ 0127
20120828_Anna_ 0126
20120828_Anna_ 0078
20120828_Anna_ 0057

More to come. -J.H.