Hoofer Rail Jam 2013

Last weekend I photographed the Hoofer Rail Jam down in Madison. The format was a bit switched up this year, as was the location. All in all, it was a pretty fun event. Tyrol basin provided the features and trucked in a ton of snow. Red Bull was in attendance as well with their DJ/Fire Truck. It was frigid cold, and with 4 heats and a final, the contest was over 4 hours long. Enjoy the photos.

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 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0457
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0452
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0417
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0377
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0372
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0338
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0301
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0298
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0293
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0254
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0225
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0224
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0102
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0082
 20130203_Hoofer_Jam_ 0140

More to come. -J.H.