Senior Portraits: Kyle Anklam

I photographed Kyle last fall for his HS Senior portraits. We shot for several hours (Kyle man, you are a rock star) most people won't put up with me for half of that time. We did a ton of locations, but I like the sports stuff the most. Kyle know pretty much what he wanted, and even had some photo reference for me. The cool thing was that we got to do a bunch of editorial type stuff, and not just the standard cheesy smile and polo shirt. Thanks Kyle.  Send me a message  HERE to inquire about Class of 2014 pricing and available dates.

 20120922_Anklam_ 0045
 20120922_Anklam_ 0058
 20120922_Anklam_ 0064
 20120922_Anklam_ 0093
 20120922_Anklam_ 0175
 20120922_Anklam_ 0190
 20120922_Anklam_ 0223
 20120922_Anklam_ 0233
 20120922_Anklam_ 0275
 20120922_Anklam_ 0301
 20120922_Anklam_ 0325
 20120922_Anklam_ 0356

More to come. -J.H.