Spring Update 1

Hey everybody, I just wanted to check in a let you know what I have been up to over the first quarter of the year. Sorry for the lack of updates thus far, you know how things can get...

1) Moving into a new office.

Yeah, I've been talking about this for quite a while, but now it is official.

Our new space is at:
1878 Professional Offices
Suite #1
511 Broadway
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Our mailing address is still the same for now.

It's a cool little spot and I will be working there most days. Basically it will encompass everything except silk screen work and location photography work.

There are no set hours (because of travel) but you can make an appointment to discuss your next project any time.

2) Major snow related travel.

It is perhaps a little too early to discuss any pending projects, but I did manage to make the best of the second half of the winter. I went to Copper Harbor with Ride/Coldwar shreds Max Boileau and Dustin Gwidt, and visited quite a few resorts as well. There will be a gallery dropping later today from a park shoot at Granite Peak from a little while back.

3) Spring Surf

The ice is gone, and there have been a few windows of good weather to get out on the lake. More photography that I will be posting in the next few weeks.

4) Tests, tests, tests,

I have been shooting a lot of clothing and lifestyle related stuff lately. I will have a couple of sets to post soon. Experimenting with new things.

For Sale: AKA The Great Gear Sale MKII

I am moving at the end of the week and I have to lighten the load. Must be paid for and picked up by Thursday at 5pm. Email me HERE with questions or offers. First come.


Music stuff

Yamaha Bass amp $250
1000w RMS Custom Speakers rhino lined $200
Custom Austin P bass $75
Maple p bass neck black dot inlays $35   
Austin Maple ebony p bass neck $25

Sand bags $15
A clamps $1   
10' Norman light stand $40
7.5' Norman light stands $25
Asst Umbrellas $5-25
Norman Lighting kit (2) $300-350
Lighting case soft roller $50
Lighting case Hard roller $30
Black/white v Flats (2) $20
White bounce board $10
Altman 1K fresnel, new bulb $100
Storm case, no foam $30
Vivitar IV enlarger $80
Seamless paper (2) $40
Slik tripod w/manfrotto head $80
Fancier Video Tripod $125
LaCie rack server $100

Nikon SD-8 battery pack for Nikon strobes
Audio Technica PRO 88W-830 Wireless Lav $130
Schriber Acoustic SA-568 Shotgun Mic $75

Nikon ai 20 2.8 w/lens gear $250
Nikon ai 24 2.8 w/lens gear $200
Nikon ai 35 2.8 w/lens gear $250
Nikon ai 50 2.0 w/lens gear $80

Rokinon (Nikon) 85 1.4 AE $270
Sigma (Nikon) 30 1.4 $290
Nikon 50 1.8g $190
Nikon 60 2.8 Micro $400

Gini Camera cage   $450

Polaroid Auto230 $40

Oakley Toolbox 3 Backpack $75
Rome Postermania 1985 156 $100
Forum The Rat 152 $200
Salsa Moto Rapido diore xt $850
Spinergy Stealth SS $550
Mavic Disk wheel fr $35
Misc bike parts

Read This.

As previously mentioned, my friend Greg has this interweb site, Slash Intercept.

If you like witty writing, or snowboarding you should check it out. Below is a an excerpt from a recent post.

"And, you clearly don’t understand the mechanics of a skateboard, a Lazy Susan, or possibly both."

It will quite possibly become one of your frequent reads.

More to come. -J.H.

TheTeamlab.com Summer Buyer's Guide 2013


Major hours being put in on a few projects right now.

Currently finishing some STUFF for Coldwar mvmtCo., signage for Central Board shop's new Stevens Point location and photographing a ton of product for TheTeamlab.com's Summer Buyer's Guide.

NDA'ed up to the eyeballs on the latter, but it will be worth the wait for sure.

Above is an image that I shot of Cole Wayka during Shred Fest 2 last year. SF3 is just around the corner.

More to come. - J.H.

Wave Chasers 2

Wave chasers 2 book by jack nordgen

I wanted to take a minute to highlight a project that my friend Jack Nordgren just released. Wave Chasers 2 is the second book Jack has put together documenting the fresh water surf scene that is going on in the Midwest. I shot a page for this book last fall during the Dairyland Surf Classic. The rider is Dennis Sanchez

You can buy the book online HERE, or at many of the surf shops across the state.

More to come. - J.H.

Dell Precision T7400 Workstation (Mac to Windows switch)

I have recently upgraded one of the machines in the studio. After a long and careful debate, I decided to purchase a full-sized Dell workstation. I have no plans of dumping my Apple hardware any time soon, but am becoming more and more open to the thought of having a mixed OS pipeline. With the current state of available software, this may not be as crazy as it sounds. 

Back in December, I decided to explore some "non-Mac" options, specifically for video editing, color correction and finishing. Actually, I have always had a pc box around. Most recently I have had a small Dell Dimension that drives various printers and the Graphtec plotter in my office.

There are far too many details about the two manufacturers to discuss in a single post, but in general, the differences between the way the two systems work are very minor. Perhaps the Mac is more user friendly, but this only really matters if you are doing generally consumer tasks, and my use goes well beyond that most of the time.

The idea behind Windows is that it is pretty open to any hardware you want to use. This means that there are a lot of junky $600 laptops running Windows, but it also means that there are A LOT of options when it comes to high-end hardware. Even better, there is a huge amount of used parts floating around online. If you take the time, you can put together a pretty sweet machine for about $1000, which is about what I spent here. (before I started making upgrades).

The last thing holding me in my Mac seat was the expense of re-licensing all of the software that I use, and up until recently, that would have been a very expensive. With the introduction the the Adobe Creative Cloud, that issue has been resolved. Licensing is agnostic, and very affordable, Adobe has also expanded its range to include key pieces of workflow software that was missing from it's line, or missing altogether on the Windows side of the isle.

This particular machine is probably overkill for many users. If you rarely go beyond PS and Lightroom you may be better off picking up an iMac or something of similar spec from Dell or HP. But if your work includes rendering out large, high resolution files, or real time performance is important, it is hard to beat the T7400 in the bang for buck category. If you don't believe me, look up the current price on an 8 core Mac Pro.

The video here is just an overview of the machine that I bought/built.

More to come. - J.H.