The Teamlab Brand / Jenna Rae 2

Hey everyone, I am pleased to finally share another set from the campaign I did with The Teamlab Brand this fall.  I photographed the lovely Jenna Rae in Oshkosh with only available light. Thanks for taking a look, check the bottom of the post for some additional thoughts on this shoot.

20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0068.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0118.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0157.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0168.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0198.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0205.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0210.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0376.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0405.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0524.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0494.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0424.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0568.jpg
20130926_TL_JENNA_ 0587.jpg

Most of this set was shot with 35 and 50mm primes on a Nikon 300s. At some point I will explain why I continue to shoot the majority of my work with an APS-C camera. I suspect there will be a lot of people that will disagree with me about this, so I have put it off for a little while longer.

There are times when there is just no way around using a massive amount of gear to get the required results, but occasionally you get away with using a pretty basic set of tools. It's a pretty fun way of doing things. I can see many of my upcoming projects leaning towards a more natural, motivated way of lighting. I think this is a good thing.

We used the top of a parking structure and the back sides of some main street businesses a backdrop for this set. The original location that we picked was having some roofing work done so we had to improvise a little. We ran through about 5 or 6 outfit changes in 90 minutes or so, towards the end we hit some really beautiful evening light.

I picked a few of my favorite frames to post, some of these images will likely not be used  by the client. You can see that there is a fair amount of repetition in the posing and the framing. Something that our experience with this campaign has taught us is that this that repetition is important to deliver a consistent message to the viewer. This idea is especially true in run-and-gun situations were there is some ambiguity in the creative brief.

You can check out how some of these images are being used online and in social media.



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The Teamlab Brand / High Cliff

Over the past 3 months I have been working with The Teamlab Brand on a campaign to promote the clothing line that we designed together. We made a ton of images for this, so I have broken them up into a few sets that I will be sharing as they are used. This first set we shot back in August at High Cliff State Park with models Jenna Rae and Cassie Faulks. Hair and makeup was done by our friends at Anagen 11 (They do amazing work). Unfortunately, it started raining about 20 minutes into our over 3 hour shoot. At first, we tried to stay under cover as much as possible, but I think that any amount of benefit from staying dry was negated by the additional amount of time everything took to shoot. You can see the rain drops in a lot of the images, which I think is kind of cool. We ended up switching up the plan a little bit and totally stripped down the amount of gear we were using (which worked out really well). We shot about 5 spots in the park, in the road, in the weeds, several really pretty wooded spots and in more weeds. The girls were really good sports about weather, we had not brought a tent or anything. It's kind of amazing the level of talent and work ethic that was brought by all involved. It easily could have been a no-go on the day, and I am really happy with how everything worked out. I mentioned that we took our lighting rig down a notch. This is the part where the weather worked out in our favor. The heavy clouds made for some gorgeous natural light.

Here is how the day unfolded.

5:30 Loading gear in Sheboygan, random phone calls. Forgetting important bits of gear.
6:30 Models already in hair and makeup at Anagen 11 (Cassie worked til 3am the night before, I had no idea)
7:30 I stop for gas, crappy gas station sandwich and water for the steamer (which I forgot)
8:45 My GPS keeps leading me away from the entrance to the park, obviously it has a better idea.
9:05 Meet with Nick at the park. Does it look like rain?
9:45 Models are running a little late, no problem we plan for this sort of thing.
9:55 Yup, it's definitely misty. Weather Channel Fail!
10:05 Everybody is here! Everybody gets dressed for the first setup with fingers crossed.
10:45 The first two setups are done, but so is the hair. Oh well, we plan for this.
11:35 Really making progress now. Rain is off and on. Everybody is wet and cold.
12:40 We meet up with Chris from Anagen 11 who is smartly shooting under a shelter.
1:30 Almost done! But wait, the rain is easing, one more setup, please.
2:20 That's a wrap, high fives all around. Gosh, what a bittersweet day.
4:30 Back in Sheboygan. Done Deal.

20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0015.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0017.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0170.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0157.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0159.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0104.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0307.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0342.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0343.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0361 (1).jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0364 (1).jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0394.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0400.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0402.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0405.jpg
20130811_TL_FALL_LADIES_ 0406.jpg Summer Buyer's Guide 2013


Major hours being put in on a few projects right now.

Currently finishing some STUFF for Coldwar mvmtCo., signage for Central Board shop's new Stevens Point location and photographing a ton of product for's Summer Buyer's Guide.

NDA'ed up to the eyeballs on the latter, but it will be worth the wait for sure.

Above is an image that I shot of Cole Wayka during Shred Fest 2 last year. SF3 is just around the corner.

More to come. - J.H.