Danielle | For Trouble 2

I set up another quick shoot with Dan this week so show off some of the new technical hoodies I've been working on for TNC. It ended up being VERY QUICK due to the insane below zero temps. Not a single complaint from Danielle and the camera had to be revived before we wanted to call it quits. More to come

Jenna | For Trouble

I met up with Jenna to photograph some clothes for Trouble-North Company this week. If it feels like I'm doing a lot of TNC related work right now, it's because I am. I have been absolutely floored by the level of support we have received in the past couple weeks, and we are basically in overdrive mode working on this project. More to come

Caitlin | Trouble

My friend Caitlin stopped by for a quick shoot last week. I am gearing up for the official Trouble-North Company launch shortly, so we photographed a few of the new pieces in the White Rooms and down the street. More to come.

Jenna | White Room Test

Jenna stopped by this week to test in some of the vacant offices in my building. Can I tell you how great she is? We photographed some samples and messed around with the window light for an hour or so. I'm actually really impressed by the possibilities of this space, not to mention it's 15 feet away. More to come.

Heidi | Snowmelt Test

I finally got a chance to shoot with Heidi this week. We've been talking about it for a good while now, but I have been typically busy and so has she. It turns out that we live just a few houses apart, it is a small world indeed. There was still plenty of still-melting snowbanks around town, so we kind of just drove around until the spot felt right and the light was pretty. This is also the first time I got to photograph some of the clothing that I have been working on. I have a ton more testing lined up. More to come