Summer Buyer's Guide 2013


Major hours being put in on a few projects right now.

Currently finishing some STUFF for Coldwar mvmtCo., signage for Central Board shop's new Stevens Point location and photographing a ton of product for's Summer Buyer's Guide.

NDA'ed up to the eyeballs on the latter, but it will be worth the wait for sure.

Above is an image that I shot of Cole Wayka during Shred Fest 2 last year. SF3 is just around the corner.

More to come. - J.H.

Teamlab Clothing Shoot

We've been fighting that cabin fever this week. There is only so much pixel pushing that you can do before you go insane. It definitely doesn't come as a shock, sitting in a room with the lights off and the windows covered. Starring at LCDs and intermittently at the middle gray walls. It's a strange coincidence that there was a VFX labor rights protest at the Oscars this week, even with all the fun that this job can be, sometimes it feels like a prison.  It must be the weather talking. I shot some clothing for a little while back. This was a good fit, because I designed and printed the stuff too. I can't resist getting my fingers into every aspect of a project, it's a bit of an obsession.

These were quick and dirty, although there was a lot of time making the wrinkles look right. One light, in a 3'x4' softbox, directly above the top of the frame. We shot tethered into aperture with a 28mm lens. You can buy any of these designs and several more HERE.

20130126_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0062
20130126_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0064
20130128_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0020
20130126_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0067

More to come. -J.H.

THETEAMLAB.COM Snapbacks Now Available

I'm really proud of these, been working on them for the better part of 6 months. The design is least of it, understated as hell, just enough to let people know you're down with the cause. This is definitely not one of those "look at me" caps all the kids have these days. No, this one is special. The important thing here is the cap. New Era would have been nice, it really would have. But not everybody likes that super deep, ear tucked look, and we would have had to up the price to 1% status.

This cap give you options. Adjust the fit until it's perfect, no playing hunt and find like you would with a fitted cap. These will actually fit all the way to 7 3/4" without breaking a sweat. They have a nice structure, I wore one for a month straight, just to make sure they would hold up. The bill is stiff and flat, but you can add some curve to it if you want, not "git 'er done" curve, but just the right amount.

Take your pick, dark, dark gray with gray stitching, or black/gray split with gray stitching.

Available at Outdoor Outlet in Appleton or directly from The Teamlab Facebook page. $25 each.

These have been around for a week, and there are only about a dozen left, so get on it.


More to come. -J.H.