Dailies: Bella K.

Annabell Kohler

I made this photograph in 2010. I was perhaps one of the first times that I photographed a model without trying to make images that sold t-shirts or wrist watches of whatever.

At the time, my post precessing post pressing skills left something to be desired, but I remember being fairly happy with the outcome of the shoot. This past week I found the above image and was floored that it had not even made my initial selection years ago.

This has become one of may favorite images from the shoot.

The model is Bella K.

Dailies: Sarah Lynch

Sarah lynch 1 photographed with a Nikon d300s and 85mm f/1.4

I photographed my good friend and Wisconsin snowboard OG Sarah Lynch last week. Sarah and I have worked together at various local resorts and she was one of the original The Teamlab team members. We generally run in the same circles. Sarah rips on both  a snowboard and wake board and is generally "one of the guys". Perhaps that sounds a little sexist, but there is a big difference between the type of women who snowboards to be a snowboarder and the type who snowboards  because of a true love of the sport. I think that is an important distinction to make, credit where credit is due. I generally omit any words with Dailies posts, but it is not obvious the contest for these images so I broke my own rule here. I photographed Sarah indoors using Norman 500 series lighting gear, Nikon cameras and lenses, and modifiers from Creative Light. I guess the gear spec is not that important, it's the same stuff that I use every day.

Sarah Lynch 2
Sarah Lynch 3

More to come. - J.H.

Dailies: 3M

Photographed a classic Wisco street spot last week. It was snowing so hard that we couldn't keep the stairs clean, that and there were like 20 dudes lined up to hit the thing. Here are a few decent images from that night. Scroll to the bottom for links to where you can purchase prints or digital files from this shoot.

Taran polzin
20130315_3M_ 0042
20130315_3M_ 0040
20130315_3M_ 0037
20130315_3M_ 0036
20130315_3M_ 0034
20130315_3M_ 0030

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More to Come - J.H.