Recent Stuff.

A lot of stuff is coming through the pipes right now. It seams like I just wrote a blog post yesterday, but it has already been over two weeks since the last post. I have made a bad habit of saying things like "more to come" or "much more soon" at the end of posts, so much so that it has almost become a sign off of sorts. There is, in fact, a very valid reason for this. In the last year I have been able to work on quite a few longer term project and larger scale jobs. I am really excited to be doing this type of work, but there has been a bit of a learning curve about how to share some of this stuff. On personal work or on a portrait session for instance, the whole project is done within a couple of days and I can pretty much post about it whenever I want, but some of this recent stuff has taken weeks to complete and I may even have to wait longer until I can talk about it.

I don't want you guys to think that I have been neglecting this blog, it has truly been a wonderfully busy spring, so I have put together a summery of the recent projects that are on the way out. Hopefully I can put together a couple of more in-depth posts on some of these subjects in the near future, but for now, here are some screen captures and words.


I've been in crazy deadline mode with THETEAMLAB.COM stuff for the past month or so. We are far from letting the poor winter dampen our spirits and are forging ahead with plans for the 12-13 season.


We have been fortunate enough to have the help of three talented marketing experts this spring on sorting out how to best promote the team for the new season (Def. more on this later). And it has pretty much been a swift kick in the ass in getting things rolling. If you check out the facebook page you will notice a lot of new stuff going on including a fresh new look provided by yours truly and a 365 fan photo project.

I am also pleased to announce that  The Teamlab now has an official Twitter account (@team_lab) so you can be connected to team news wherever you go. Make sure to follow, ya hear?

As of right now, THETEAMLAB.COM is the same as it was all year, but there will be big changes coming within a week, so make sure to check it everyday.


I have also been logging lots of hours of video with various Teamlab members and staff. You can see a screen shot of the timeline for one of the projects we are working on above. I hate to make you wait to any longer for this one, because it is really exciting, but at least I have a date of release: June 30 will be an awesome day if you follow THETEAMLAB.COM.

20120420_teamlab_ 0027 (1)

Finally, I also shot a set of images for a magazine article coming up, I can't say any more than that at the moment.


20120417_brianna_ 0098

In the midst of all The Teamlab stuff, I got to shoot a few portrait session in the past month. I posted a few more images on the JHP Facebook page so you can check there for more on that front.

Other Video


Around Easter I shot a three minute sequence in Sheboygan down at the beach. Above is a screen shot from the first edit that I did. Since then, I have finished everything but the final grade. I am hoping that this will be one of several shorts that I will be working on over the summer, not client here, just working on different ideas.

Upcoming Stuff

Tomorrow begins the Lacrosse Fitness Festival. I am planning to shoot the hill climb tomorrow and the crit on Sunday. Hopefully I will see some of you around this weekend.

Monday is the Western Technical College GD Portfolio Review. I will be there to hang out and talk with some of the new grads. Try to make it out if you can, there is always a bunch of cool student work on display.

More to come. -J.H.