Dailies: Sarah Lynch

Sarah lynch 1 photographed with a Nikon d300s and 85mm f/1.4

I photographed my good friend and Wisconsin snowboard OG Sarah Lynch last week. Sarah and I have worked together at various local resorts and she was one of the original The Teamlab team members. We generally run in the same circles. Sarah rips on both  a snowboard and wake board and is generally "one of the guys". Perhaps that sounds a little sexist, but there is a big difference between the type of women who snowboards to be a snowboarder and the type who snowboards  because of a true love of the sport. I think that is an important distinction to make, credit where credit is due. I generally omit any words with Dailies posts, but it is not obvious the contest for these images so I broke my own rule here. I photographed Sarah indoors using Norman 500 series lighting gear, Nikon cameras and lenses, and modifiers from Creative Light. I guess the gear spec is not that important, it's the same stuff that I use every day.

Sarah Lynch 2
Sarah Lynch 3

More to come. - J.H.