Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve

I mentioned a while back on the JHP Facebook page that I had purchased a Dell Precision T7400 workstation and have been messing around with Windows 7 a little bit. One of the main reasons why I did this is because I wanted to run DaVinci Resolve, but a Mac that you can stick a decent graphics card in is stupid expensive. The Dell is in it's infancy, but I have been grading a few samples with it. Below is some footage that I shot last spring in Sheboygan, WI. Nothing fantastic, but you can see the power that comes with using a dedicated grading package like Resolve. The first video is a before/after split and the second one is the graded footage. You can see that I over exposed some of the shots, but the end result shows some of that sky detail pulled back.

More to come. -J.H.

Dairyland Surf Classic

Myself and THETEAMLAB.COM shooter Jeff Koehnke took a day trip to Sheboygan last Saturday to check out the Dairyland Surf Classic. It was pretty flat, but we got a chance to talk to Ryan from Coldwar about the new Ion Air Pro wearable HD cam, and meet some really cool people and see some cool products. A few of you may already know about the changes coming to THETEAMLAB.COM this year, I will give that topic it's own post but it was cool to trade cards with a few local companies trying to make it happen in Wisco. Even with the disappointing surf it was a good time, and it was rumored that Sunday would be more like 6-8' so it made sense to drive back the next day. Below are a selection of frames from Sunday.

More images from the day can be downloaded HERE. You can order a print of any of those images HERE. Thanks for your support.

20120901_DLSC_ 0336
20120901_DLSC_ 0354
20120901_DLSC_ 0442
20120901_DLSC_ 0503
20120901_DLSC_ 0585
20120901_DLSC_ 0593
20120901_DLSC_ 0795
20120901_DLSC_ 0903
20120901_DLSC_ 0950
20120901_DLSC_ 1044
20120901_DLSC_ 1145

More to come. -J.H.