Going Big in The Bay

I missed out on the official Midwest opening day at Trollhaugen on Saturday, but I did make it out to Going Big in The Bay last weekend in Green Bay. There should be a story on THETEAMLAB.COM shortly, but for my part, here are some pixels.  

20120929_GBitB_ 0002

Mike Altobelli, The Teamlab / RVCA

20120929_GBitB_ 0014

Jason Contreras The Teamlab / Candy Grind

20120929_GBitB_ 0024

The Teamlab / Chemish Clothing Co. Tent.

20120929_GBitB_ 0030

The most people I have ever seen at a Wisconsin skate comp.

20120929_GBitB_ 0217

Quite a few kids stopped by to check out the booth.

20120929_GBitB_ 0267

Chemish vinyl

20120929_GBitB_ 0321

Unknown. Somebody find me a name.

20120929_GBitB_ 0332

More Unknown

20120929_GBitB_ 0384

Jason, Max Boileau. The Teamlab

20120929_GBitB_ 0387

Zach from Chemish Clothing Co. and his lady, Lauren hanging out at the booth.

More to come. -J.H.

THETEAMLAB.COM Snapbacks Now Available

I'm really proud of these, been working on them for the better part of 6 months. The design is least of it, understated as hell, just enough to let people know you're down with the cause. This is definitely not one of those "look at me" caps all the kids have these days. No, this one is special. The important thing here is the cap. New Era would have been nice, it really would have. But not everybody likes that super deep, ear tucked look, and we would have had to up the price to 1% status.

This cap give you options. Adjust the fit until it's perfect, no playing hunt and find like you would with a fitted cap. These will actually fit all the way to 7 3/4" without breaking a sweat. They have a nice structure, I wore one for a month straight, just to make sure they would hold up. The bill is stiff and flat, but you can add some curve to it if you want, not "git 'er done" curve, but just the right amount.

Take your pick, dark, dark gray with gray stitching, or black/gray split with gray stitching.

Available at Outdoor Outlet in Appleton or directly from The Teamlab Facebook page. $25 each.

These have been around for a week, and there are only about a dozen left, so get on it.


More to come. -J.H.

Going Big In The Bay Sticker Contest

TheTeamlab.com crew and myself went up to Green Bay this weekend for the skatepark fundraiser. Tons of people stopped by the booth to check in and pick up some of the new TheTeamlab.com  and Joe Horvath Photography stickers.

Zach from Chemishlifestyle.com was there as well.  Here is a quick video of a young skater attempting a 5 minute headstand for some Chemish and The Teamlab stickers.

20120929_GBitB_ 0241

More to come. -J.H.