Dailies: Street


I rang in the new year shooting with The Teamlab Brand's Max boileau, The Interior Plain Project's  Peter Limberg and Jeffy Gabrick and Bald E-gal's Dan Tyler in Appleton. There are so many spots there that I have never even been to, though I spend a fair amount of time shooting in the area. The last few days have been too cold to spend outside for any length of time, so I'm trying to catch up in the office. Next week looks like it will be warming up so it will be game on again. I hope you are having a productive start to the year as well.


Dailies: 3M

Photographed a classic Wisco street spot last week. It was snowing so hard that we couldn't keep the stairs clean, that and there were like 20 dudes lined up to hit the thing. Here are a few decent images from that night. Scroll to the bottom for links to where you can purchase prints or digital files from this shoot.

Taran polzin
20130315_3M_ 0042
20130315_3M_ 0040
20130315_3M_ 0037
20130315_3M_ 0036
20130315_3M_ 0034
20130315_3M_ 0030

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