Teamlab Clothing Shoot

We've been fighting that cabin fever this week. There is only so much pixel pushing that you can do before you go insane. It definitely doesn't come as a shock, sitting in a room with the lights off and the windows covered. Starring at LCDs and intermittently at the middle gray walls. It's a strange coincidence that there was a VFX labor rights protest at the Oscars this week, even with all the fun that this job can be, sometimes it feels like a prison.  It must be the weather talking. I shot some clothing for a little while back. This was a good fit, because I designed and printed the stuff too. I can't resist getting my fingers into every aspect of a project, it's a bit of an obsession.

These were quick and dirty, although there was a lot of time making the wrinkles look right. One light, in a 3'x4' softbox, directly above the top of the frame. We shot tethered into aperture with a 28mm lens. You can buy any of these designs and several more HERE.

20130126_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0062
20130126_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0064
20130128_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0020
20130126_Teamlab_clothing_Shoot_ 0067

More to come. -J.H.

Going Big in The Bay

I missed out on the official Midwest opening day at Trollhaugen on Saturday, but I did make it out to Going Big in The Bay last weekend in Green Bay. There should be a story on THETEAMLAB.COM shortly, but for my part, here are some pixels.  

20120929_GBitB_ 0002

Mike Altobelli, The Teamlab / RVCA

20120929_GBitB_ 0014

Jason Contreras The Teamlab / Candy Grind

20120929_GBitB_ 0024

The Teamlab / Chemish Clothing Co. Tent.

20120929_GBitB_ 0030

The most people I have ever seen at a Wisconsin skate comp.

20120929_GBitB_ 0217

Quite a few kids stopped by to check out the booth.

20120929_GBitB_ 0267

Chemish vinyl

20120929_GBitB_ 0321

Unknown. Somebody find me a name.

20120929_GBitB_ 0332

More Unknown

20120929_GBitB_ 0384

Jason, Max Boileau. The Teamlab

20120929_GBitB_ 0387

Zach from Chemish Clothing Co. and his lady, Lauren hanging out at the booth.

More to come. -J.H.


I little while ago (like several months) I shot some stuff for rider Jason Contreras. Jason rides bikes during the summer and has been bugging me for quite a while to do this shoot, but our schedules never really lined up. The plan was to shoot some stunt riding, but I think we were only like 10 minutes in before a sheriff's deputy showed up and gave us a stern talking to. It was pretty tense for a second, but luckily Jason wasn't on the bike and the officer was cool.

20120514_jason_ 0196

At that point, we switched plans and shot some images of Jason on the bike in his garage and of the bike outside against setting sun.

20120514_jason_ 0165

Here are a few of the heroes from the shoot. The setup was pretty simple, a single 3x4' softbox overhead with a Norman LS500 head in it at -1, and another LS54 on each side with a 5" reflector on each to give a nice angular rim.

20120514_jason_ 0161

The rims were driven by a Norman 808m 800w/s pack and the key was driven another standard Norman 808 pack.

20120514_jason_ 0154

There are a few other interesting images from this shoot, but unfortunately, they will probably never see the light of day.

More to come, check back soon. -J.H.