Dailies: 3M

Photographed a classic Wisco street spot last week. It was snowing so hard that we couldn't keep the stairs clean, that and there were like 20 dudes lined up to hit the thing. Here are a few decent images from that night. Scroll to the bottom for links to where you can purchase prints or digital files from this shoot.

Taran polzin
20130315_3M_ 0042
20130315_3M_ 0040
20130315_3M_ 0037
20130315_3M_ 0036
20130315_3M_ 0034
20130315_3M_ 0030

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More to Come - J.H.

Street #2

So, on Monday I posted some stuff that we shot over the weekend. That post was actually just one of the spots that we hit in Wausau, here is the other spot. I can't tell you exactly where it is, but it's a spot that all of the Wausau locals know about. Again, we showed up to an already built up in run, ready to go.

I want to mention that by some strange coincidence, the crew from Central Board Shop has also shot at both of these spots in the last few weeks. This trip had been in the planning stages for several weeks, before any of the images of these spots had showed up HERE. Make sure check out their blog as they document the shooting of their upcoming video COME AROUND.

Jake R, wausau street rail for theteamlab.com photoshoot

Jake R.

Marc Sick switch front boardslide on a wausau street rail

Marc Sick switch front boardslide on a wausau street rail

Marc S.

Mike altobelli backside 50 50 for josephhorvath.com

Mike altobelli backside 50 50 for josephhorvath.com

Mike A.

Will Drescher and mike altobelli

Will and Mike check the shot.

Marc Sick

Another angle.

That's it for now. More shooting this week. More gear stuff on the way, check back soon. -J.H.

Street #1

Finally got out and photographed some real snowboarding this past weekend. The Teamlab crew and I rolled up to Wausau for an all day photo mission, and to take some new moves to the street. We hit a couple of well known spots on Saturday and came away with a few cool shots. Jory got something really cool on film, but you will have to wait to see that. All and all, it was a really fun day. Too many images for one post, so I will split it up. I'm gonna save the real bangers for another day, but here is a taste.

3m rail in wausau

It's so nice to roll up to a spot that is already set up! Marc dusts off the lip before a super  fun session that lasted nearly two hours.

max boileau and Jason Contrares

Pullin' bungees for homies.

Jason contreras front lip

Front side lip slides are way underrated in my book, Jason C. swings one over proper in the afternoon sun.

marc sick 5-0 grind

5-0, yup.

max filmin'

Shooting video as well stills means either lots of button pushing or lots of time in post. I am really looking forward showing some of the clips being shot here, thanks Max.

Forum Snowboards rider Jory Prather

Up and down all day, workin'.

jory prather front board

JP, seriously can't wait to show some of this on video.

Jory Prather

As always, tons more to come. Check back soon. -J.H.