Custom Die Cut Stickers

One of the new services that I offer is custom die cut stickers and graphics. O.k., most of that sentence is a lie, but let me explain myself. This is not something NEW that I am offering, I have been doing it for about a year now.  Also, the use of the term "die cut" is a bit of a misnomer. Die cutting uses a metal blade that is set into a block of wood, this a called a die and it is an efficient way to cut out great quantities of relatively intricate shapes in a short amount of time. It is, however, a poor choice for doing low quantities or "one offs", which is something we like to do quite often here at the office. In fact, the desire to do short runs and single copies of certain designs was one of the big motivations for starting to do this sort of work in-house. The tool that we picked to help to this work is commonly called a "plotter" or "step cutter". It shares a lot of DNA with your common inkjet printer, or perhaps a CNC table if you are familiar with such things. Anyway, having this piece of kit means that I can now help you with your vinyl graphics project. Whether it a one-off piece of art or a run of 5000 decals, your project can be turned around quickly and within your budget. Below are a few samples from projects completed this past year.

Send me an EMAIL or a message on FACEBOOK and I will get you sorted with pricing and more.

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