Caitlin | Trouble

My friend Caitlin stopped by for a quick shoot last week. I am gearing up for the official Trouble-North Company launch shortly, so we photographed a few of the new pieces in the White Rooms and down the street. More to come.

Jenna | White Room Test

Jenna stopped by this week to test in some of the vacant offices in my building. Can I tell you how great she is? We photographed some samples and messed around with the window light for an hour or so. I'm actually really impressed by the possibilities of this space, not to mention it's 15 feet away. More to come.

Steen + Alex | Spring Surf 1

We have been blessed this spring with better than usual surf conditions. I snuck out for a quick session with my friends Alex and Steen last week. Fingers crossed that we will be getting more of this. 

Spring Update 1

Hey everybody, I just wanted to check in a let you know what I have been up to over the first quarter of the year. Sorry for the lack of updates thus far, you know how things can get...

1) Moving into a new office.

Yeah, I've been talking about this for quite a while, but now it is official.

Our new space is at:
1878 Professional Offices
Suite #1
511 Broadway
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Our mailing address is still the same for now.

It's a cool little spot and I will be working there most days. Basically it will encompass everything except silk screen work and location photography work.

There are no set hours (because of travel) but you can make an appointment to discuss your next project any time.

2) Major snow related travel.

It is perhaps a little too early to discuss any pending projects, but I did manage to make the best of the second half of the winter. I went to Copper Harbor with Ride/Coldwar shreds Max Boileau and Dustin Gwidt, and visited quite a few resorts as well. There will be a gallery dropping later today from a park shoot at Granite Peak from a little while back.

3) Spring Surf

The ice is gone, and there have been a few windows of good weather to get out on the lake. More photography that I will be posting in the next few weeks.

4) Tests, tests, tests,

I have been shooting a lot of clothing and lifestyle related stuff lately. I will have a couple of sets to post soon. Experimenting with new things.

Heidi | Snowmelt Test

I finally got a chance to shoot with Heidi this week. We've been talking about it for a good while now, but I have been typically busy and so has she. It turns out that we live just a few houses apart, it is a small world indeed. There was still plenty of still-melting snowbanks around town, so we kind of just drove around until the spot felt right and the light was pretty. This is also the first time I got to photograph some of the clothing that I have been working on. I have a ton more testing lined up. More to come

Full Set: Jenna Rae


Jenna Rae

I photographed a test with my friend and wonderfully talented, aspiring model Jenna Rae at the end of January. We worked on a campaign together last fall and since then I knew that there were more ideas that I wanted to explore, but I couldn't find an excuse to make it happen.

So instead, we picked a Monday afternoon and a spot with these awesome maple floors and west-facing windows. We shot for almost two hours and just picked the wardrobe on the fly. The thing that I like about working with Jenna is that she is always moving, never waiting for instruction or afraid to look a little silly. Occasionally, I had to make her pause, so my camera could clear it's buffer before we continued.

Not bad for a Monday afternoon. More to come.